Monday, March 4, 2013


As part of a local "Happiness Project" group, (based on the book by Gretchen Rubin) I have made up a set of principles to help me relish time rather than simply survive the challenging days when the hours until my partner returns home seem to drag (as those with small children may be able to relate to). For me, there is a constant tug between treasuring each moment while the children are still young and struggling to rise above exhaustion from lack of sleep, negotiating frequent "hostage" level crises, planning meals, running the household, and trying to be some sort of wife.

So here is my list, which I re-read every Sunday evening as I ready myself for the transition to Monday morning. I hope you find it useful, too:

1. Be Kind
2. Notice small moments of time
3. Live with all five senses
4. "Do" as your act of giving
5. Build: relationships, understanding, peace, art, memories, laughter, learning
6. Laugh & Play every day
7. Trust in abundance
8. Empower yourself & others in your words, actions, and choices
9. Create meaningful memories through rituals
10. Choose (your words or actions) based on love rather than fear

We have one word phrases painted above many of our doorways with similar mantras:  Love, Play, Listen, Smile, Explore... just to name a few. The older I get, the more important words like "fun" and "play" become.  Words that my children exude in their very beings!

What words in your life do you find most important?  Which are most challenging to honor and engage?  How do you find your place of peace?

Happy Monday!

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